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About At-Hand Apps—a mobile software company


The iPhone and other smart phones are crystallizing years of product evolution into a clear and unmistakable value proposition of ubiquitousness, portability, and personalized on-demand services. The stage is set for new waves of visionary applications helping you navigate the complexities of contemporary life and improving its quality and community in ways not yet imagined.

We are At-Hand Apps, developing an evolving suite of applications for smart mobile devices encompassing domains of living. They are purpose-driven, real-time, location and context sensitive, enabling a person’s relationship to that domain to be substantially enhanced and even transformed. Your smart mobile device, through At-Hand Apps, becomes your agent-avatar, anticipating your needs, supporting relevant choices, and offering expert guidance.

Our application infrastructure consists of original content, data mined from the Internet, and user-generated data. We are inventing new filtering and orientation strategies allowing an app to increasingly become a true assistant, transforming a person’s relationship to that domain and ensuring improved outcomes and greater success for the individual. As At-Hand Apps covers more life domains, your mobile device becomes increasingly brilliant at serving you.

The Technology

At-Hand Apps anticipates a next generation of mobile applications that are broad-based, requiring efforts and investments beyond achievement by the first-generation, cottage-industry or by merely porting fixed-base web apps to the small mobile screen.

We use an inverted WEB3.0 architecture, exploiting the existence of WEB 1.0 and 2.0 content on behalf of your individual needs through active data mining and filtering with purpose-driven, real-time, location-sensitive, personal presentations and advice supported on mobile platforms. Through collecting, filtering, and presenting information, At-Hand Apps becomes your agent-avatar offering relevant choices consistent with your goals and anticipating your needs.

Most of the original content and mined data is retained in a cloud infrastructure. Orientation data is retained in your mobile device and is the basis for access and presentation to you; the relevant part of it is transmitted anonymously as part of a query.

We fine-tune the user interface of our app so you can efficiently process responses to a query at the same time as the app is efficiently gathering data about your orientation/preferences. We exploit various statistical techniques, improving the quality of the customized responses (reflecting your orientation) that our app produces to your query.


New England At-Hand is an iPhone/iPad travel app that allows you to easily create and explore New England itineraries. This full version as well as individual versions for the seven New England states are available now at the iTunes App Store.

About Us

The name “At-Hand Apps” reflects the dual concepts of both being “present” and being “mobile”. Our accompanying logo (and name acronym), pronounced “Aha!”, is that expression of delight and aliveness that comes from creativity, insights, and innovation.

At-Hand Apps is an unusual early-stage software startup, formed by computer-industry veterans. The organization is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Massachusetts. We envision a large, open membership with shared responsibilities and rewards.

We are a dual bottom-line organization with both economic and social goals.

The economic goal is the creation of a set of profitable, next-generation mobile software applications of wide scope and advanced intelligence.

The social goal is an opportunity-structure for skilled and motivated individuals to work/contribute outside of a traditional full-time corporate environment. At-Hand Apps intends an environment attractive to industry veterans who have completed their corporate-employee phase of life, yet desire to continue to use their skills and knowledge, on their own terms, and among peer colleagues.

At-Hand Apps is global in conception, with many of the founding cluster of members physically grounded to the greater Boston area.


Contact Us

Email: Info@AtHandApps.com

Voice: Robert Gray – 1 617 416 0390 (SKYPE: robertcgray_1)

Mailing Address:
At-Hand Apps, LLC
35 Victoria Circle
Newton Center, MA 02459-1016


We are a dual bottom-line business, with both economic and social goals. We are seeking to create a unique marketplace contribution with highly successful, breakthrough end user software solutions. We seek a high-moat, competitive advantage from our team strategy. Our organizational structure is the antithesis of the full-time corporate world. At-HandApps offers opportunities for large numbers of affiliated contributors with various levels of participation. We are boot-strapped and self-funded with widely distributed, but highly collaborative team members.

At-Hand Apps team members are seasoned veterans of the computer industry responsible for making major contributions to successive waves of innovation. Many have collaborated with each other on numerous past products and projects.

At-Hand Apps does not have employees in the conventional sense; however, we invite veteran software and computer industry professionals and out-of-the-box thinkers. If you have a desire to continue to be creatively active, consider joining and helping shape At-Hand’s infrastructure and/or content creation and maintenance teams.

In addition to the possibility of having fun in making a real difference in the next wave of mobile apps, we offer the opportunity of skills acquisition, as well as collaboration with some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.

Send queries to: info@AtHandApps.com

At-Hand Apps Team Members

At-Hand Apps Internships — A No-Cost Opportunity

Free Business Visibility — Personal Career Enhancement — Professional Recognition

At-Hand Apps, a smart-phone software development company, is creating a new day trip application unlike others in the marketplace. Get in on the creation of exciting content, and have your name or your business name displayed with your entries at no cost to you.

Share your community’s day trip activity destinations, and research other exciting locations in the United States. Are you a hospitality student or journalism major? Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Maybe you are a travel enthusiast or creative writer and would like to share your travel knowledge and photographs with others.

This special opportunity gives you direct attribution for your text and photographic entries. A short activity brief is easily developed from internet research. Entice your readers to visit museums, historical locations, and places of natural scenic beauty, or perhaps historical architecture, parks, and other interesting activities. Location photographs can also be placed with each activity brief to enhance your text and provide further attribution.

Students can receive valuable career and academic benefits from this unpaid internship. Become proficient at travel writing and real-world research, and display your work in the smart-phone application. Expand your experience and build your resume. Mentoring, feedback and partnering with your school are available to you through At-Hand Apps. You work at your location, interacting with us through the internet, e-mail, Skype or telephone.

If you would like to reach many more people, share your travel knowledge, or gain new destination travel ideas, contact us today.

Robert Gray, Founder, At-Hand Apps
E-mail: GrayRobert@AtHandApps.com
Phone: (617) 416-0390